About the Fellowship

The ACTIONS fellowships provide funding for pre- and post-doctoral scholars. The primary goal of the fellowships is to train our scholars to design studies that prioritize reproductive justice as the primary approach to reproductive health services provision, including abortion, birth, contraception, healthy sexuality, parenting, and pleasure. By extension, these fellowships aim to increase the number of scholars out in the world who have this capacity, This program provides a unique opportunity to train the next generation of thought leaders and change agents in nursing leadership and faculty positions around the country.

ACTIONS fellowship requirements are grounded in achieving the aims of our mission. Therefore, it is important to be very clear with scholars that we are looking to develop nurse leaders and faculty that will seed important nursing institutions around the country.

Prospective ACTIONS predoctoral scholars must first be admitted to the SON and must complete and be accepted into the ACTIONS program separately.

Core components of the fellowship are designed to meet the needs of each scholar and foster a collaborative learning environment that is supported through mentorship. The program offers the following:

·       Research and career guidance from UCSF faculty

·       Leadership opportunities and network building through ACTIONS-sponsored events

·       Professional development

·       Support in applying for research grants

·       Social support to foster holistic learning

·       Stipend and educational support funds