Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the program located?

Staff and faculty are based in the School of Nursing at UCSF. Postdoctoral scholars are typically permitted to work remotely for the duration of their appointment, although this is subject to change depending on UCSF policy. Predoctoral scholars are based at UCSF School of Nursing. 

Pre-Doctoral Fellowship FAQs

Who is eligible for the ACTIONS Predoctoral Fellowship?

Candidates must:

  • Be accepted into the UCSF PhD in nursing program.
  • Demonstrate commitment to out loud abortion advocacy and research related to reproductive health and justice.
  • Have a desire for leadership in nursing administration and/or demonstrate commitment to accepting a faculty position in an area without active Reproductive Justice-focused scholars.
  • Plan to develop a postdoctoral research focus related to reproductive health and justice and reproductive health services provision, including abortion, birth, contraception, healthy sexuality, parenting, and pleasure in the US context.

Post-Doctoral Fellowship FAQs